Biden Administration Makes Rumored Move Official

( – On May 16, The US Department of Justice took a significant step to reclassify marijuana by initiating the process to move it to Schedule III, which is known for being one of the less restrictive categories. In a video published on his Twitter account, US President Joe Biden said that what the DOJ did was “monumental.”

The commander-in-chief added that his administration believes that the rescheduling is crucial to reverse some inequities and injustices that have been taking place over the last few decades, with many people in the country suffering because of it. President Biden noted that the announcement is another step of work that his administration has been doing over the last few years to pardon federal offenses for cannabis possession. He also said that the announcement adds to his actions to eliminate barriers to employment and housing for “thousands of Americans.”

While marijuana remains illegal in the United States, the Schedule III designation would remove the drug from being classified in the LSD or heroin categories. Right now, marijuana is under Schedule I, a designation that means that the drug in question is not only dangerous for those who consume it but also has no medical value.

The announcement came less than a month after the DOJ recommended that the White House materialize the reschedule as soon as possible. Experts have said that a full decriminalization of the drug can be achieved through the House of Representatives through legislation. Many Democratic leaders have been advocating for the legislative move to be taken. One of these has been Senate Majority Leader and New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who has said that the drug should be decriminalized to prevent more injustices from happening.

Political analysts have said President Biden is eager to materialize the decriminalization as soon as possible as he knows such a move will increase his popularity and boost his chances of winning the 2024 presidential election.

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