Biden Admin Praises China Over Soldier’s Release From North Korea

Biden Admin Praises China Over Soldier's Release From North Korea

( – The Biden administration’s National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, publicly thanked the Chinese regime on September 27 for its alleged involvement in the release of an American soldier from North Korea. Sullivan said in a statement that Beijing played a crucial role in the return of Private 2nd Class Travis King to the United States after he illegally entered the so-called Hermit Kingdom.

According to reports, King was imprisoned by the communist regime of tyrant Kim Jong-un after disappearing on July 18. He was expected to take a flight to the United States from the Incheon Airport in South Korea following a violent incident with locals in the Asian nation. Instead of going to the airport, he booked a tour of the Demilitarized Zona between the two Koreas. A couple of minutes after arriving, he crossed the border into North Korea and wasn’t seen until the Biden administration confirmed his return to US custody.

A couple of hours before Sullivan released his statement, North Korean state media KCNA said that Pyongyang decided to “expel” King from the nation following a probe into the circumstances surrounding his illegal entry. The communist regime has repeatedly claimed that the American soldier took this step out of animosity against the “systemic racism” that still “exists” in the United States. The KCNA repeated these claims on September 27, saying that King was “disillusioned” about inequality in his country and the racial discrimination and “inhuman maltreatment” he had suffered there.

In the statement, Sullivan also thanked the Swedish government for its “diplomatic role” on this matter, and the Chinese regime for its “assistance in facilitating” King’s transit. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning acknowledged the Biden administration’s statement on September 28 during a press conference in Beijing. However, when asked why Sullivan thanked China for King’s release from North Korea, Mao refused to provide any detail and changed the topic.

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