Back From the Dead: Famous Actor Claims Doctors Saved Him Numerous Times

Back From the Dead: Famous Actor Claims Doctors Saved Him Numerous Times

( – Mark Sheppard, who gained fame for his role on the TV series “Supernatural” as the character Crowley, says doctors brought him “back from the dead” four consecutive times after suffering a series of heart attacks.

The 59-year-old English actor revealed via Instagram that he was preparing for an appointment Friday when he suddenly collapsed at home. The post included a selfie of him in the hospital bed.

He was rushed to St. Joseph’s hospital, where doctors found a 100% blockage in his left anterior descending artery. The blockage has been dubbed “The Widowmaker” by healthcare professionals due to its extremely high mortality rate.

According to the post, Sheppard suffered six heart attacks and had to be revived four times. He also said that he “felt great” only hours later.

The condition is particularly fatal since the blockage prevents the artery from sending blood to the larger area of the heart. When it’s blocked at the origin, it prevents vital oxygen and nutrients from reaching the heart. Damage follows quickly if blood can’t begin to flow again soon. LDA blockages have survival rates around 40-60%, depending on whether the victim goes into shock and how quickly they can get help.

Sheppard credited his wife, the Los Angeles Fire Department, and the doctors for saving his life. Several colleagues responded to his post to express their support. Actor Misha Collins, who performed alongside Sheppard on “Supernatural” as the angel Castiel, joked that he didn’t have to suffer six heart attacks when a couple would have been enough. Fans also joked that he must really be a supernatural being to survive such an ordeal.

Actor John Barrowman responded with shock and offered to help Sheppard get through this time if needed.

Sheppard’s incident comes the year after “Supernatural” showrunner Jared Padalecki nearly died in a car accident after an event in his home state of Texas. He had to postpone filming and fan events to heal from his injuries. Padalecki was not driving the vehicle.

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