Art Dealer Blows Hole in White House Narrative

( – International art dealer Georges Berges, who represents Hunter Biden as an artist, blasted a hole into the Biden administration’s narrative about the money the president’s family has collected on January 9. According to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, the art dealer told Congress in a transcribed interview that the White House never informed him about the ethical guidelines related to Hunter Biden’s art sale. Berges, who has numerous galleries in many nations around the world, also told the House of Representatives that most of the artwork he sold on behalf of President Joe Biden’s son went to two Democrat donors.

During an interview with “Just The News, No Noise,” Comer said that Berges insisted he didn’t know anything about an ethics agreement. He pointed out that the case represents another “lie” that the Biden administration has said about the “shady business” of the Biden family not only to the mainstream media but also to the American people. Neither White House spokesman Ian Sams nor White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre delivered any comments about Berges’ revelations.

Comer also explained that his committee will pursue every single financial record Hunter Biden delivered in an Arkansas paternity court case, which was the source of the evidence that investigators gathered to allege he engaged in tax evasion. President Biden’s son is currently facing nine federal counts in that case, with legal analysts pointing out it would be difficult for him to evade jail.

The art dealer’s lack of knowledge about any ethical agreement, which was previously touted by the White House, represents the latest case of a series of misleading statements made by the Biden administration about Hunter Biden. One of the most famous was the one about his laptop, which some administration officials consistently said was Russian disinformation until it was proven it wasn’t. Another lie was that President Biden never had any contact with the family’s business partners or got any proceeds from the ventures.

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