Appeals Court Reinstates Gag Order on Trump

Appeals Court Reinstates Gag Order on Trump

( – A New York appellate court recently reinstated the gag order on former President and current GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, preventing him from delivering any public statement about the civil fraud trial he’s facing. According to a CNN report, Judge Arthur Engoron issued the order against the conservative leader after he made numerous comments about a clerk on the second day of the trial in the lawsuit of New York Attorney General Letitia James. The order forbids Trump to publicly comment about court staff.

While the appeals court initially paused the gag order against the former commander-in-chief, it was eventually ruled that the order needed to be restored. The latest appellate ruling points out that the motion was denied after numerous deliberations. Meanwhile, the judge noted that he intends to enforce the gag order against Trump “vigorously” and “rigorously.” Engoron also pointed out he wants to make sure that the counsel notified Trump and his legal team that the stay was formally “vacated.”

Following the decision, the former president attacked the judge’s wife, Dawn Engoron, and the judge’s clerk on his social media platform, Truth Social. In a post, the Republican leader said that Dawn Engoron was a “Trump-hating wife” and that the clerk aimed not only at him and his family but also at the Republican Party. He added that the clerk took control of the New York State “Witch Hunt” that the Biden administration and the Democratic Party plotted against him.

About Engoron’s decision to reinstate the gag order, Trump’s lawyer Christopher Kise said it was a “tragic day” for the rule of law in the United States. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Republican candidate’s 2024 presidential campaign, Steven Cheung, noted that the order could be considered a case of “election interference.” However, he pointed out that the strategy against Trump “is failing terribly.”

James’ lawsuit against Trump alleged that he exaggerated his wealth on different financial statements he used to make numerous deals and secure loans. The former president has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

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