Appeals Court Gives Trump Bad News

( – A far-left judge in New York has denied an emergency appeal to delay an upcoming criminal trial for former President Donald Trump.

Lizbeth Gonzalez, a justice serving with the New York Supreme Court’s Appellate Division, turned down the appeal shortly after hearing arguments from Trump’s legal team. They insisted that “an impartial jury cannot be selected right now based on prejudicial pretrial publicity” in the highly publicized case. Her rejection was issued without an explanation.

Trump’s legal team filed the last-minute motion precisely a week before his trial is scheduled to begin. He will be facing charges of falsifying business records. The request came shortly after the far-left judge presiding over the trial denied efforts to have the charges dismissed. He then ordered the trial to proceed as planned.

Trump called it a “disgraceful situation” and claimed the trials were “rigged.” He also vowed to continue his presidential campaign after his court appearances.

However, Gonzalez’s decision will not impact his legal team’s request to change the venue of his motion. Trump and his legal team have repeatedly pointed out the district’s heavy bias towards the Democrat party, claiming it will likely skew legal decisions against the Republican frontrunner.

Trump’s legal team is also fighting against a gag order instituted by Judge Juan Merchan on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. They also said that it compromises the fair selection of a jury in a district that already leans toward the left. It bars Trump from publicly discussing some aspects of the trial. Trump has made headlines for posts on his Truth Social platform regarding the proceedings.

His legal team also challenged a similar gag order handed down by far-left judge Arthur Engoron in a case of fraud charged by Letitia James, the current New York Attorney, against him and his business. A New York appeals court refused to put the case on hold as he sought to appeal it. They later ruled against him.

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