Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes Surge in NYC

Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes Surge in NYC

( – According to a New York Daily News report, New York City has experienced a surge of antisemitism and hate-filled incidents against Jews. As reported by the media outlet, crime data from the New York Police Department revealed bias crimes in the Big Apple increased by 124 percent in October, in comparison to the same month in 2022. The Police Department pointed out that officers counted 101 bias incidents in October, up from 45 in the same month last year.

Each of the incidents that happened in October took place after the attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on Israel on October 7. The Israeli government immediately declared war against Hamas in response, which sparked massive protests around numerous Western nations.

The NYPD pointed out that “anti-Jewish” incidents also increased by 214 percent, as 69 cases were reported in October, while only 22 were reported in the same month in 2022. Speaking under condition of anonymity, NYPD officials told the media outlet that many agents believe things can get worse over the next few weeks.

Executive coordination of Flatbush Shomrim Patrol in Brooklyn Bob Moskovitz said that the number of phone calls received by Jewish communities to denounce a hate crime increased by 300 percent since October. Moskovitz said in a statement that the Shomrim received over 1,500 calls and explained it was a “massive” number as the patrol usually received nearly 500 calls per month.

Moskovitz pointed out that the Jewish community in New York City is feeling “anxious and stressed” by the current situation in Israel and Gaza. He added that the majority of the calls that the patrol receives come from yeshivas, synagogues, and Jewish institutions, which ask Shomrim to post officers outside as they feel threatened.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, some of the most frequent antisemitic and hate-filled incidents against Jews in the Big Apple are racist graffiti and “online activity” that denigrate Jewish communities. The nonprofit organization also noted that many Jews have received death threats and have been harassed.

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