Alleged Russian Spies Captured, Plotted Explosive Attacks

( – Two Russian spies who were planning an attack against a US Army base in Germany have been arrested.

Dieter S. and Alexander J., the only names released by officials, are facing espionage charges after they allegedly sent media detailing the base to other Russian points of contact. Both men have dual citizenship in both Russia and Germany. General Jens Rommel, a federal prosecutor, specifically said Dieter was trying to “undermine the military support provided by Germany to Ukraine against the Russian war of aggression.”

However, their plans didn’t stop there. According to officials, the two were allegedly collaborating with other Russian officials to bomb the base. Dieter is believed to have assisted in the plot since October. Dieter began just last month. Rommel also said they believed the pair were targeting German industrial centers as well.

The alleged plot was targeting the US military’s 7th Army’s Garrison in Bavaria, a base used to train Ukrainian soldiers to fight and operate tanks. The base serves as one garrison with four locations.

Nancy Faeser, Germany’s far-left Federal Interior Minister, praised Germany’s federal police for preventing a potential bombing against military forces and vowed continued support for Ukraine.

Officials believe Dieter is a specially trained soldier with years of experience in combat situations. They also believe that he fought alongside soldiers in Ukraine’s ‘Donetsk People’s Republic,’ a region where Russia has had varying levels of control for over ten years.

The incident follows growing accusations of Russia using its diplomats to perform spy duties. The Kremlin has ordered several of its foreign emissaries to return home. A group of 14 Russians was arrested late in 2023 after they attempted to blow up a train used for military purposes. In a less severe attack, a group of 10 people was detained in Estonia after they broke several car windows. Authorities determined they were working for the Kremlin. They believe the purpose of the bizarre attack was to invoke fear among the nation’s population.

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