Activists Make Shocking Calls for Violence

( – Pro-Palestine protesters at the George Washington University called on May 8 for the beheadings of every single administrator of the academic institution. In a video posted on social media, the anti-Israel protesters said that “guillotine” should be used against the university President Ellen Granberg, as well as against African American provost Christopher Bracey.

The demonstrators were holding an encampment on the campus, with many journalists reporting vandalism. The video was originally recorded on Instagram, with the pro-Palestine protesters holding a fake court hearing where they decided what would be the fate of the university administrators.

In the video, a man described as the encampment leader delivered a fake verdict right when someone disguised as Bracy sat before the fake revolutionary jury. The phony court continued and the leader delivered the verdicts for the university’s president and board of trustees shouting that every one of them had to be beheaded for their crimes.

The video was filmed a couple of hours before police authorities arrested at least 35 of them. Journalists in the scene said that once they filmed the video the demonstrators committed numerous acts of vandalism in the university’s U-yard during nighttime. They added that the anti-Israel protesters resisted police officers who were called to stop them and restore order on the campus.

Over the last few days, the encampment not only defaced a statue of President George Washington and replaced it with Palestinian paraphernalia but also erected numerous Palestinian flags and even erected tents. Some demonstrators even erected a United States flag with the message “Genocide Joe,” showing a picture of US President Joe Biden.

According to some polls, the commander-in-chief has been losing popularity among democrats as the progressive faction of the party strongly disagrees with his stance on the war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Many have claimed that he should stop supporting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as they say he’s committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

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