ABC News Leader Resigns, Replacement Announced

( – The head of ABC News has left her post as rumors continue to swirl about the network’s possible sale.

Kim Godwin announced her decision to retire to colleagues on May 5th. She said the decision follows a period of “considerable reflection.” Godwin said it wasn’t an easy decision, but she wanted to do what was best for her loved ones. Disney executive Debra O’Connell announced her decision to take Godwin’s place shortly after.

The announcement also follows criticism of Godwin’s leadership at ABC News. Corporate leaders at Disney, ABC’s parent company, reportedly expressed astonishment at Godwin’s alleged mismanagement of several money-making divisions, especially “World News Tonight” and “Good Morning America.” One ABC News source said that Godwin must make “swift moves” after employees became very frustrated and restless.

O’Connell had also expressed frustrations with an alleged “hands-off” approach to leadership. She blamed Godwin for failing to replace Galen Gordon, who previously headed the network’s talent, a year after he left. That, O’Connell believes, created situations that led to the departure of some of the network’s biggest names, including Jonathan Greenberger. “Good Morning America” has also seen a slip in ratings since Godwin took over in 2021. Three anchors left the show after scandalous affairs were publicized.

The National Association of Black Journalists slammed the critiques, claiming Godwin was only attacked because of her skin color. They also said it was a ploy to undermine the decisions of the world’s first black woman to lead a worldwide news outlet. However, their criticisms did not address the decision to promote Godwin in 2021 by executives who were already aware of her skin color.

Former President Donald Trump made his thoughts quite clear on Godwin’s departure in a post on Truth Social.

The shakeup comes a year after Disney CEO Bob Iger hinted that his company may sell ABC as it continues facing challenges in transitioning from legacy media to a streaming model. Iger himself rose the ranks as a Disney executive after holding leadership roles at ABC. However, the company has lost money since he reassumed the CEO position.

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