8-Month-Old Dies After Court Mandates Death

8-Month-Old Dies After Court Mandates Death

(NationRise.com) – The UK government recently forced an 8-month-old baby off of life support, leading to her death soon after. Indi Gregory, an infant whose case has garnered international attention, was born on February 24 with a rare mitochondrial disease. Experts claimed her condition could not be cured.

However, Italy’s government granted Gregory citizenship so that her treatment could continue in one of their hospitals. Giorgia Meloni, the Prime Minister of Italy, vowed to defend the infant’s life until the end. She also defended the right of Gregory’s parents to do everything possible to save their daughter.

Leaders at the Vatican also offered to continue Gregory’s care at Bambino Gesù, one of their pediatric hospitals. Matteo Corradini, a consul for Italy, ordered the United Kingdom’s government to concede jurisdiction to her appointed Italian guardian over the “imminent danger” to her life.

However, Justice Robert Peel ruled against the transfer and mandated that Gregory be removed from life support. He claimed that Italian and Vatican officials were “wholly misconceived” as grounds for his decision.

Dean and Claire Gregory still did not give up. The couple appealed the court’s decision, hoping their daughter could still have a chance at receiving care in Italy. However, Justices Peter Jackson, Eleanor King, and Andrew Moylan refused the couple’s appeal on November 10th.

After losing their last hope of saving their daughter, the Gregorys had a change of heart. Their case had been defended by Christian Concern, an organization of volunteer Christian legal experts. While the couple previously considered themselves nonreligious, they decided to baptize Indi before her death.

Her father said that the court proceedings were “hell” and noted that he felt as if the devil was among them. He concluded that if hell and the devil exist, so must heaven and God. He said they will also get baptized.

Dean Gregory also said that while the government can take their daughter’s body, they cannot take her soul.

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