16-Year-Old Cheerleader Slain by Undocumented Illegal Alien

16-Year-Old Cheerleader Slain by Undocumented Illegal Alien

(NationRise.com) – Police authorities said on December 10 they arrested an “undocumented” man who was the main suspect in the slaying of a Texas high school cheerleader. The 16-year-old teenager Lizbeth Medina was found dead in her home’s bathtub on December 5 after missing an event with her cheerleading squad.

In a statement, Edna Police said that illegal alien Rafael Govea was nabbed on December 9 in Schulenburg, Texas, and formally charged him with the murder of Medina after a criminal investigation. Govea killed Medina in Edna, which is 75 miles away from where he lives.

During a press conference, Edna Police Chief Rick Boone said that the department, along with the Texas Rangers, caught Govea after spending “countless hours” on the criminal case. While he provided details about the operation against the illegal alien, Boone didn’t reveal the circumstances of the homicide or if Medina and Govea knew each other.

According to news reports, the cheerleader was found dead by her mother, Jacqueline Medina, after she missed a Christmas parade march with the rest of her cheerleading squad. During an interview with KAVU-TV on December 7, the mother told the media outlet that she believed that her daughter was killed because of a recent break-in at their apartment. She also told the station there were no drugs involved and pointed out that Lizbeth Medina was found in a way “no mother in the world should ever find their daughter.”

Following her killing, police authorities released security footage of Govea, who was wearing a black sweatshirt. The video also showed he had a tattoo behind his right ear. Local reports noted that numerous pictures matched Govea’s mugshot, who was photographed with thick, short black hair and a beard sans mustache.

In a statement, Boone said that while Govea was finally apprehended, the department was aware that the Medina family needed support not only from their friends but also from the community.

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