10-Year-Old Murdered By Pack of Wild Monkeys

10-Year-Old Murdered By Pack of Wild Monkeys

(NationRise.com) – A 10-year-old child was brutally killed by a pack of wild monkeys that has been terrorizing his village in India.

The boy, Dipak Thakor, was spending time with friends in Salki, a village in Western India, about an hour from Ahmedabad. During the attack, one of the monkeys ripped out Thakor’s intestines. He was rushed to a local hospital but died upon arrival.

The troop of monkeys has been ravaging the small village; Thakor’s death marked the third attack in only a week. Officials have trapped a few of the monkeys, but most of them have proven difficult to capture.

Officials desperately tried to reassure villagers that they are diligently hunting the wild beasts. Vishal Chaudhary, a local forest official, said that he and his team have been pursuing the monkeys for some time.

Monkeys throughout the region have recently become more aggressive toward humans. Last month, a monkey tried relentlessly to kidnap a toddler in India even after parents rushed to the rescue. Earlier this year, a monkey attempted to attack a 1-year-old child on a beach in Thailand. The child’s father fought the monkey away, but not before suffering a bite. He had to undergo twenty shots to prevent rabies.

Last year, a monkey kidnapped a 4-month-old baby from his parents in India and took him to the top of a 3-story building. The child was then thrown from the top and fell to his death.

Concerns were raised earlier this year in India’s parliament over the rates of monkey-related attacks and deaths. In most cases, nothing was done to provoke the monkeys. Even more startling, the victims are frequently children.

The Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change said that it did not keep records of how many people were injured or killed by monkey bites. However, a report released in 2015 by the Lok Sabha revealed that an average of five people are bitten by monkeys per day in New Delhi alone.

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