WEF Founder Claims Humanity Must Be Forced to Collaborate With Globalist Elite

(NationRise.com) – The founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, told his delegates during a conference in China on July 5 that humanity must be “forced” to collaborate with every globalist entity. Schwab made the controversial comments during a speech at the forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions, where he added that the world needed a “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” He also claimed that such a scenario would only be reached if globalist elites push their agenda in their countries.

Schwab explained that if the elites want massive “economic growth” in the future, they will have not only to “embrace innovation” but also to “force” collaboration in cultures, nations, regions, and sectors. He claimed that was the only way to create a peaceful, resilient, sustainable, and “inclusive” future. The WEF founder also said that the current “juncture” is critical, and it needs the involvement of every stakeholder to guarantee a strong “development path.”

Schwab also discussed the rise of artificial intelligence and other technologies in today’s society, which he said represent not only an opportunity but also a threat for many. He explained that this was another important reason why all humans should “work together” with the globalist elites to guarantee that these technologies don’t end up being a problem instead of a solution.

In the final part of his speech, Schwab talked about the “limits to growth,” which he also considered an essential step towards a better future for everyone. People on social media suggested that he was referring to depopulation, while others said he was probably referring to slowing down economies to protect the environment, which is currently a popular idea among many progressive leaders.

Over the last few years, Schwab has delivered some controversial comments and speculations about the future that many have considered to be extremists. One of these was the idea that humanity will soon enter into a new age where everyone will experience a “fusion” of their biological, digital, and even physical dimensions.”

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