Trump Sweeps Nevada Caucus

Trump Sweeps Nevada Caucus

( – Former President Donald Trump fulfilled the expectations of experts on February 8th after winning Nevada’s Republican caucus by a significant margin.

Trump won 99% of the votes in the caucus. However, it notably excluded some of his top contenders, including Nikki Haley. She has primarily been polling in second place for the party’s nomination, although by a wide margin. Trump will receive all 26 of Nevada’s Republican delegates during the party’s convention later this year.

Haley was featured on the ballot in Nevada’s primaries. However, the results don’t offer delegates to the winner, so it’s largely considered meaningless. Trump didn’t compete in that race as he decided instead to focus on the caucus. Haley lost Nevada’s primaries to the “none of these candidates” option. Most voters interviewed during the primary said they specifically chose that option since they couldn’t write a candidate in. Otherwise, some said, they would’ve voted for Trump.

Trump celebrated the victory. He praised voters for their enthusiasm and admitted that it was unlike anything he had ever seen. He was accompanied by Doug Burgum, the Republican governor of North Dakota, who was competing against Trump for the nomination until December 2023. Some believe Burgum could be Trump’s pick for vice president.

The announcement of Trump’s victory in Nevada came just hours after he won the Republican caucus held in the US Virgin Islands. Trump grabbed over 74% of the votes, leaving Haley with another trailing loss. That victory gained an additional four delegates. However, residents of the islands can’t vote in the general election since it is only a territory, not a state.

The Nevada GOP forbids candidates from running in both the state’s primary and caucus elections. The decision was made after state Democrats, who were in charge at the time, changed laws so that the state had both a primary and caucus. Republicans tried to object but were outnumbered.

Haley argued that it was “rigged” and blamed the Nevada GOP for unfairly supporting Trump over all other candidates.

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