Trump Shocks the Nation During Recent Interview: “Hate Their Religion”

( – Former President and presidential nominee Donald Trump said on March 18 that Jews who vote for Democratic candidates in electoral events hate their religion. The Republican leader made the controversial comments during an interview with former aide Sebastian Gorka on his talk show.

When asked why he thought some Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hated Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to the point of calling for a change of leadership in the Jewish State, Trump said, “They hate Israel.” The former commander-in-chief also noted he believes that “the Democrat Party hates Israel” and explained that Schumer pivoted against the nation and its prime minister for political reasons.

Trump stated that many Democrats take an anti-Israel stance because they “see a lot of votes,” and said that “Palestinian marches” in the US usually show a large crowd. He added that “guys like Schumer” see those marches, and all he can think about is votes, which Trump said are the reasons why Schumer was “always pro-Israel” but now is against the Jewish State.

Schumer questioned the leadership of Netanyahu and the Israeli government amid the war with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas during a March 14 speech where he called for the prime minister to be ousted. He even said that the “Netanyahu coalition” doesn’t fit with Israel’s needs since after the October 7 attacks.

In the interview with Gorka, Trump told his former aide he believes that Jews who vote for “Democrats hate their religion,” as he claimed that the Democratic Party proved to “hate everything about Israel.” The Republican leader added that Jews who vote for them should be “ashamed of themselves.”

On his Twitter account, Schumer responded to Trump’s accusations by claiming that the former president was only making hateful and partisan rants, which hurt the relationship between the United States and Israel. He added that he was working with Democrats and Republicans in the Senate to guarantee that the relationship will be sustained for future generations.

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