Teen Suspect Given Unusual Punishment for Plotting Mass Shooting

Teen Suspect Given Unusual Punishment for Plotting Mass Shooting

(NationRise.com) – According to a CNN report, a 13-year-old boy convicted for scheming to conduct a mass shooting at a synagogue back in September was ordered to write a book report about a rescue mission that took place during World War II. The Ohio teenager, who hasn’t been named as he’s a minor, reached a plea deal with a juvenile court and will also undergo counseling.

Different reports noted he faced misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and inducing panic. Officers claimed that the youth created a “detailed plan” on the social media platform Discord. They added that his main goal was to execute a mass shooting in the city of Canton at the Temple Israel synagogue. Authorities also pointed out he spread antisemitic conspiracy theories and made racist comments against Jews.

While the 13-year-old boy was sentenced to 180 days in a detention center for juveniles, the judge gave him credit for 10 days of time already served and eventually suspended the remander of the sentence. CNN pointed out that the judge also ordered him to a year of probation, where he’d be banned from using the internet without supervision and would receive counseling service.

The kid will have to write a report about Swiss diplomat Carl Lutz, who was known for saving nearly tens of thousands of Jews during the war. Many believe that writing the report and learning about what Lutz did could teach him some empathy, as he will learn about the absolute horror that millions of Jews experienced during Germany’s Third Reich.

Before the plea deal, the boy was set to go to trial on December 18 in the Start County Family Court, which is located south of Akron. Some media outlets revealed that law enforcement had to notify local agencies and the school system about the kid’s case, causing a major “public alarm.”

While the arrest took place before the October 7 terrorist attacks from Hamas against Israel, his sentencing and charges came during a time when the United States has experienced a rise of antisemitic attacks.

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