Supreme Court Justice Unleashes on Media in Secret Recording

( – On June 10, a secret audio recording of US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was released in which he blasted the mainstream media over its criticism of the high court. The person who made the recording was political consultant and journalist Lauren Windsor, who interviewed Alito on June 3 during a court’s Historical Society dinner.

While she had politically identified herself as a liberal, she posed as a conservative while asking questions to the Supreme Court justice about the current polarization that the United States is experiencing. When asked how he believes the Supreme Court can restore its public trust among every American, Alito responded that he doesn’t know but pointed the blame for it toward the media because of the way they “criticized us.” The justice added that the mainstream media have “eroded trust” in the Supreme Court.

Windsor and Alito also talked about the current ideological feud between the Republican and the Democratic parties and expressed that some values in America should never be “compromised.” The justice told the journalists that regardless of who wins the presidential election, the country needs to find a way of coming together and living “peacefully.” However, he said he knows it would be “difficult” as the nation is currently divided, and both factions disagree on “fundamental things.”

The recording, which Windsor published on her Twitter account, came at a difficult moment for Alito. He has been facing backlash after a New York Times report said that an inverted US flag was flown outside his home in Virginia in 2021. The inverted flag has been considered one of the main pro-Trump symbols after the 2020 presidential elections, which the former president and many of his supporters believe were fraudulent.

The liberal newspaper explained that the photo of the flag outside the justice’s house was taken a couple of days after the Capitol Riots on January 6, 2021. Alito told the Times he wasn’t involved in the “flying of the flag.”

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