State Changes Tactics After Chicago Threatens to Stop Busses of Immigrants

State Changes Tactics After Chicago Threatens to Stop Busses of Immigrants

( – The state of Texas flew out over 120 migrants from El Paso to Chicago on December 19, representing the latest escalation between the border state and sanctuary cities. Many analysts considered the move a change of tactic from Texas GOP Governor Gregg Abbott after Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson threatened to sue bus companies that transport migrants to the so-called Windy City.

In a statement, Abbott’s office said that the plane was sent as a response to Johnson’s actions and even suggested that more will be flying across the country over the next few days and weeks. Over 23,000 immigrants have been sent to the Windy City from the Lone Star State since the governor’s busing program started in April 2022.

A recent law passed in Chicago has left many bus operators across the country facing impounds and fines if they refuse to drop passengers in designated areas or fail to fill out paperwork. According to the Texas Tribune, while Abbott managed to work around the ordinance by sending the immigrants in planes, the 120 he sent to Chicago is a minimal percentage of the one million migrants encountered in 2023. Different statistics have even revealed that almost 85,000 flow into Texas every month.

In a statement, the White House criticized the Texas governor for sending the migrants to Chicago in a plane and accused him of using immigrants to make a political point about the obstacles imposed on his busing program. White House spokesman Angelo Fernandez noted that Abbott is showing the United States he has no respect for “human beings.” He added that the Republican leader is doing a “political stunt” that can be included in Abbott’s “tally of extreme policies” that only seeks to dehumanize and demonize migrants.

Over the last few months, Abbott has insisted that President Joe Biden is to blame for the massive number of immigrants who are arriving along the border. He has also claimed that the Biden administration is unable to solve the border crisis.

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