Senator’s Rap Sheet Shows History of Reckless Behavior Prior to Crash

( – In a June 13 report, the Maryland State Police said that Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman had been involved in a car accident along with his wife during the morning hours of June 8. The report indicated that the Senator was at fault in the crash.

The police detailed that Fetterman was driving over “the posted speed limit” on Interstate 70 in Maryland and crashed his car into the rear end of a Chevy Impala. He and his wife were injured and had to be transported to a hospital nearby.

The police report explained that the other car Fetterman crashed with was driven by a 62-year-old woman, stating that the Democratic leader wasn’t tested for substance or alcohol use. The senator’s office acknowledged the accident and said that Fetterman had a bruised shoulder and was treated by health personnel.

Fetterman eventually returned to his house in Braddock, where he published a video on his Twitter account in which he and his wife talked about the car accident. The couple also thanked those who wished them well while they were in the hospital and said they were celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary on the day of the incident.

Public records show that the car accident is the latest case in which Fetterman was involved in unsafe driving. The senator has already received two speeding tickets in March 2024 and 2016 for driving well above the speed limit. One was for exceeding the posted limit by 24 miles per hour, and the other for going 34 miles per hour over. Following the latest case this year, Pennsylvania authorities required the senator to finish a driver’s improvement course to prevent these violations from happening again.

The 54-year-old suffered a stroke in 2022 during his senatorial campaign. While many people thought it was going to be almost impossible for him to win the election, Fetterman defeated Republican candidate Mehmet Oz. Following the stroke, Fetterman had some problems not only speaking but also processing conversations, which made him use some devices to transcribe spoken words.

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