SCOTUS Ruling Sets Trump Up for Massive Victory

( – The United States Supreme Court handed a sweeping victory to former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump on March 4 by ruling that no state can exclude him from the ballot by using the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Three states, Illinois, Maine, and Colorado, pulled Trump from the ballot using the Amendment by claiming he had engaged in “insurrection” on Jan. 6, 2021.

The decision ends a controversial case and reverses the efforts of the other states that tried to remove him from the ballot.

In an unsigned ruling with not a single dissent, the court officially reversed Colorado’s Supreme Court, which previously determined that he couldn’t serve as president again under Section 3 of the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment. The upper court explained that the state’s Supreme Court erroneously presumed that any state in the country was able to determine whether a presidential candidate was ineligible.

The ruling clarified that the House of Representatives must establish guidelines for enforcing the provisions of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment against federal candidates instead of individual states. The decision officially applies not only to Colorado but also to every single state in the country, which will still possess the authority to ban individuals seeking state office from being listed on the ballot for other reasons.

A couple of minutes after the ruling, Trump hailed the Supreme Court’s decision and said that it represented a “big win for America.” Meanwhile, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold said during an interview with MSNBC that the Supreme Court’s decision was a “disappointment.” She added that while the court’s decision will allow Congress to act to “pass authorizing legislation,” many people know that Congress is almost a “non-functioning body” right now.

Griswold added that, given the situation she described, American voters are the only group of people who can “save our democracy” in the November presidential election. Many polls have shown Trump to be the main favorite to win not only the GOP nomination but also the general election.

The following day, Trump crushed his primary rival in multiple states — including Colorado. On Wednesday, March 5, Haley officially dropped out of the race.

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