Ron DeSantis Threatens Military Action

Ron DeSantis Threatens Military Action

( – Florida Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis blasted former president Donald Trump on June 26 over his handling of immigration at the southern border. During an interview with Fox News, DeSantis said the Trump administration was a “failure” on this matter. He also told host Bill Melugin he promises to deliver on the border policies that the former president said he would support during the 2016 presidential election.

The interview occurred after DeSantis’ presidential campaign said his administration would deploy US military forces in Mexico if the border crisis couldn’t be controlled. The campaign said DeSantis would be willing to take this step if the Mexican government fails to stop “cartel drug manufacturing.” The campaign added that the presidential candidate would surge resources to the Coast Guard and Navy and block precursor chemicals from entering Mexico.

In the interview, the Florida Governor said he didn’t trust Trump in his recent pledge to execute the largest wave of mass deportations in American history. DeSantis explained he believes Trump won’t deliver as he already said in 2016 “and then didn’t do it.”

When asked if he thought the Trump administration did a good job on the southern border, DeSantis said they didn’t do anything “out of the ordinary.” The Florida Governor also noted that, if elected, his administration would be “more assertive” than Trump.

After that, Melugin asked the Republican candidate whether he would execute the mass deportations the former president failed to do. DeSantis answered, “Yeah, we will,” adding that his administration will make people know there would be consequences for “violating the law.”

Following the interview, the Fox News host said during his closing lines that DeSantis promised other measures on this matter. He said the Florida Governor vowed to end “catch-and-release,” push to end “birthright citizenship,” and build the border wall.

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