Retail Giant Finally Cracking Down on Shoplifting

( – Retail juggernaut Target has issued instructions to staff to stop bandits who try to escape with stolen items totaling $50 or more in its latest efforts to crack down on retail theft—an issue that has been getting out of control in many American cities. The company, which has been blaming retail theft for severely affecting its bottom line over the last few months, announced the same action back in April but with a threshold of $100.

During an interview with Bloomberg, a Target spokesman explained that the retail giant’s main priority is guaranteeing the safety of its guests and team while ensuring that all “Target shoppers” have a “positive experience.” On social media, some journalists said that Target’s new policy would be implemented in the last week of July.

Last fall, Target’s Chief Financial Officer Michael Fiddelke said during a meeting with investors that Target expects to turn shoplifting into a minor problem that doesn’t affect not only the company’s finances but also its store customers. Fiddelke made these comments a couple of weeks after the company announced it was shutting down nine urban locations, including New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco.

After announcing that decision, many reporters revealed that the store closed in New York City was located specifically in Harlem, which is known for being one of the areas with the highest crime rates in the city. They added that the Target store in Harlem was a constant target of retail theft.

Since 2023, Target has been one of the few retailers in the United States to take concrete actions to curb retail theft, which has become a common crime in many cities. Some political commentators and journalists have blamed the Democratic Party for such a crisis, as those cities where retail theft is quite common are run by Democratic leaders.

One of the steps that Target and other retailers have taken includes locking up so-called everyday items and increasing security personnel.

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