Republican Lawmaker Fires Back At Colleagues

( – California Republican Representative Tom McClintock recently criticized the strategies of some fellow GOP representatives, who he said preferred to “burn” Congress down instead of working within its confines for conservative principles.

During an interview with The Hill’s NewsNation, McClintock described those fellow Republicans as “radicals” and said their extremist views and actions have made them an “impediment” to the most important conservative principles.

When asked what initially made him think that these representatives would be willing to burn the Congress down, McClintock said it was the ousting of former House Speaker and California Republican Kevin McCarthy. The congressman explained that taking that step was a mistake as McCarthy produced some of the most “remarkable accomplishments” achieved by Republicans in the House over the last few years. He said these included a fiscal responsibility bill that passed with a small five-member majority, which he described as a “tremendous” achievement.

The conservative leader added that even when McCarthy achieved many things, only “eight Republican malcontents” decided to join forces with Democratic representatives to take him down. He added it was a radical decision from the GOP representatives that chose to vote against him, criticizing their claims against McCarthy, as they said he was somehow going against the Republican agenda.

A couple of days before the eight Republicans decided to join with the Democrats to oust the former House Speaker, McClintock published a letter where he urged his colleagues to determine “the damage” they would cause by taking that step. He also asked them to be courageous enough to prevent voting against McCarthy before creating irreparable damage.

In addition to voting against the former House Speaker’s ousting, McClintock also voted against the impeachment of US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has been blamed for the current border and migrant crisis. The only two other Republicans who voted the same were Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher and Colorado Representative Ken Buck. Both of whom eventually retired from Congress.

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