Rep Wants House to Stop Biden’s State of the Union Address

( – Former House Freedom Caucus Chair and Pennsylvania Republican Representative Scott Perry called on House Speaker Mike Johnson on February 26 to halt President Joe Biden from giving his State of the Union speech in March. During an appearance on Fox News, Perry said that GOP politicians must ramp up pressure on the commander-in-chief over the southern border amid the migrant crisis that the United States is currently experiencing.

Perry claimed that Republicans needed to use all points of leverage, including the fact that the President would deliver the address at the invitation of the House of Representatives, which the GOP currently controls. He added there was no reason to invite President Biden so he could “get more propaganda” and blame US citizens for the crisis he has caused.

Republicans in Congress have rejected a bill that the president said would provide more border security after former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke against the legislation. The conservative leader said that the bill wasn’t enough to solve the border crisis.

The Pennsylvania congressman, who was also a National Guard general, previously claimed he didn’t think President Biden was mentally “competent” to remain as the commander-in-chief for four more years. During another interview with Fox News on February 11, he said that the way the Democratic Party has used him to be the president was “abusive.” He also said he believed President Biden wasn’t making too many decisions and claimed that the liberal leader has a “lot of people” around him that he believes are the real people who are making “the decisions” in the White House.

Johnson became the House Speaker in October 2023 after replacing California Republican Kevin McCarthy, whom House Republicans impeached. While Perry’s suggestion would be controversial, it wouldn’t be the first time in the country’s history that the State of the Union address gets caught up in a political fight.

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