Rep Green Sounds the Alarm: “Every American Should Be Scared to Death”

( – House Homeland Security Committee chair and Tennessee Republican Representative Mark Green said on February 22 that the United States was facing massive national security threats at its southern border. During a discussion about illegal immigrant encounters at the US-Mexico border at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Green said that all Americans should be “scared to death” because of the 24,000 Chinese nationals that entered in 2023.

The congressman explained the situation is worse than the 400 terrorists that have come into the country during the Biden administration, as he suggested that the Chinese nationals could be agents of the Chinese regime’s intelligence agency. He also indicated that they could be planning to execute numerous operations inside the United States, claiming that they are “enriching” drug cartels by paying them money to get into the country through Central America.

According to data from the US Customs and Border Protection, 24,048 Chinese nationals were encountered at the southern border last year, more than 12 times the total amount from 2022. The data revealed it’s a massive increase of over 7,000 percent from 2021 when only 323 Chinese citizens entered the United States through the southern border during lockdowns and strict pandemic travel bans.

Green said that while he’s not suggesting that the Chinese regime is going to attack the United States, he believes some people will look at “our ports” and track “our railheads” if the country defends Taiwan from Beijing. He added, “This is a desperate threat” as the country had mass waves of terrorists from the Asian nation “storming” US military installations with cameras.

On his Twitter account, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson said that the massive amount of fentanyl that was entering the United States through the border was a “Chinese communist plot” to kill Americans. He added that the country was facing a threat that President Biden has deliberately decided not to address.

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