Released Transcripts Indicate Biden Lied

( – Transcripts recently released of Robert Hur’s interviews with President Joe Biden about the improper storage of classified documents detailed in Hur’s report indicate that the president lied in his testimony.

One of the most troubling indications stems from a controversial discussion of the year Biden’s son died. Hur’s report accused the president of forgetting the year. Biden later slammed that accusation angrily, saying that he didn’t think it was the interviewer’s business. However, transcripts later published by ABC News reveal that Biden actually initiated the discussion of his son’s death. One of the participants had to remind him that Beau Biden in 2015.

Biden also referred to himself as a “young man” during the interview. Hur asked if he could detail past events with precision. He then referenced his self-proclaimed youthfulness in detailing why he could accurately recall previous events.

However, Hur’s special report paints a different picture of Biden’s ability to recollect past experiences. In addition to forgetting about the year of his son’s death, he also admitted that he forgot what was in the boxes that contained classified documents. He later seemed to forget the purpose of the interview as well. Biden trailed off at one point by talking about his Corvette while Hur struggled to keep him on topic. Biden later admitted that it would be “inappropriate” for him to keep the documents.

Hur’s special report ultimately concluded that Biden intentionally kept and handled classified documents, especially after Biden admitted to having other people help him move them around his garage. However, it also recommended that he avoid facing charges, claiming that he would have too much sympathy for him as a well-meaning old man with memory problems.

Biden also previously claimed that the classified documents were properly locked in filing cabinets. However, his own testimonies during the interview and photos included with the special report prove otherwise. Investigators also reported finding classified documents in unusual places, including a container filled with potting soil. Investigators said many of the documents were closely tied to national security.

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