Reality TV Star Dead 59

( – Nick Mavar, who founded an Alaskan fishing operation before starring in a reality TV show, has died at the age of 59.

Julie Mavar, his wife, verified the star’s death. Jake Anderson, his nephew, confirmed the cause of death was a heart attack. It happened on June 13th while Mavar was climbing a ladder located in one of Naknek’s boatyards. It was also the site of his fishing operation. He fell to a dry dock below. Local police also confirmed his death, but they didn’t offer additional details.

Mavar previously survived both cancer and another heart attack. He was known among those closest to him for his resilience.

From a young age, Mavar was immersed in the fishing industry, following in the footsteps of his father. Born in San Pedro, CA, in 1964, he started his own fishing operations in the early 90s. However, the steep cost of government permits prevented him from acquiring a fully functional boat. His early years were marked by hardships, from washing dishes with Windex because he didn’t have proper dish soap to staying dry by sleeping in trash bags when his boat would flood. He was even forced to hand-reel his nets due to broken hydraulics.

However, he later bought one of his father’s boats, named Miss Colleen after Mavar’s sisters, and moved his operations to Alaska. He would eventually star on Discovery’s show “Deadliest Catch.” The show was a hit and lasted several seasons. Mavar left the series in 2020 after suffering from a ruptured appendix during a filming expedition. Doctors also discovered a cancerous tumor at that time. He also suffered a broken nose while filming for the show after a large hook broke loose and slammed into his face.

The show’s official Instagram account celebrated Mavar’s life by calling him a “treasured member” of the family while expressing condolences for his relatives. Anderson once said the fame Mavar achieved from the show meant little to him.

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