Putin Ally Warns US, EU “There Will Be Hell to Pay”

(NationRise.com) – On June 25, Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned the European Union and the United States that there “will be hell to pay” for the sanctions imposed by the two superpowers against Russia. On his Telegram channel, Medvedev expressed his outrage and wrote that time has proven that every time a nation or a multilateral bloc imposes sanctions on another, it ends up experiencing an “Inferno.”

The former Russian president, who is currently the country’s Security Council deputy chairman, also claimed that even though Russia is experiencing the 14th sanctions package since its invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the country will prevail. He added that Russia won’t “forgive or forget” what he considered an “act of hostility,” claiming that the Kremlin will deliver a “Strong response to the West” sooner than later.

His comments took place less than 24 hours after the European Union hit the Eurasian nation with a new package of sanctions, which specifically targeted Russia’s gas exports. While geopolitical analysts believe it could harm Russia’s economy, others said that the Kremlin is prepared to resist these sanctions as President Vladimir Putin has already established economic relationships with China. Experts like Nacho Montes have noted that such an alliance will allow Russia to resist the consequences of the economic sanctions for years, such as Iran.

The new package of sanctions against Russia also targets 47 entities and 69 Russian nationals that the European Union considered responsible for executing actions that undermined the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Journalists on social media explained that the fact that the sanctions targeted Russia’s gas sector is a significant step from the international bloc as many leaders have been asking to take that action since the invasion in Ukraine started.

The terms of the new sanctions package also detail that the governments of Finland and Sweden are legally allowed to cancel every contract with Russia’s liquefied natural gas if they want to.

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