Police Forced to Respond After Speaker Calls to ‘Normalize Massacres’

Police Forced to Respond After Speaker Calls to 'Normalize Massacres'

(NationRise.com) – A pro-Palestinian demonstrator issued a public call to “normalize massacres” during a protest in London on January 13 in support of an immediate cease-fire in Gaza, which prompted police to look into the incident. Pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel demonstrators had marched through London’s central area as part of a day of action against the Israeli government’s military actions against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Different videos of the incident have already become viral on social media, showing speaker and activist Mohammed el-Kurd addressing a large crowd that was gathering in Parliament Square. At one moment, he said that everyone should look at the eyes of every “Gazan child” and ask themselves if they have already tried their best. El-Kurd then said that “our day will come,” but noted that the first thing to do is to stop being complacent and to “normalize massacres” as the “status quo.”

Following his remarks, many people on social media started to criticize him and claim it was a clear call to violence. The speaker and pro-Palestinian activist replied in a Twitter post that he would never say such a thing, and pointed out he actually said people “shouldn’t normalize massacres.” However, many users and even some media outlets noted he could be clearly heard in the video making that statement.

In a separate Twitter post, the London Police published a statement saying that officers were already aware not only of the video but also of what El-Kurd said during his speech. It added that authorities were assessing the matter and would “speak” with the activist.

In the video, el-Kurd also said that Zionism needed to be extinguished because it was the root of the “apartheid” that many Palestinians were experiencing. He also claimed that Zionism was a “racist ideology” that had to be “rooted out,” as it has been nothing more than a “death cult” that has led to the “genocide” of many people in Gaza.

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