Over 30 Alleged Spies Arrested

Over 30 Alleged Spies Arrested

(NationRise.com) – The Turkish government announced on January 2 it arrested dozens of people who were accused of spying on behalf of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. The government of President Recep Erdogan said that one of the spies arrested alleged they were preparing the “assault and kidnapping” of some foreign nationals that reside in Turkey.

News reports pointed out that these arrests represent the latest escalation in tensions between Tel Aviv and Istanbul, following Israel’s declaration of war against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas after its October 7 attacks. The arrests also came a couple of days after Erdogan said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could be compared with Adolf Hitler.

On his Twitter account, Turkey’s Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said that Erdogan’s government will never allow any espionage activity to be carried out against the country’s “solidarity” and national unity.” He pointed out that Turkey determined that the Mossad tried to execute some “tactical tasks” that included kidnapping, assault, pursuit, and reconnaissance.

Yerlikaya also revealed that Turkish authorities seized digital materials, numerous cartridges, an unlicensed gun, and various amounts of cash from different nations that included 23,680 dollars and 143,830 euros. The interior minister added that the operation carried out by Turkish authorities was named “Operation Mole,” and mentioned that 33 people were taken into custody after the raid of 57 locations in eight Turkish provinces.

According to Turkish state media, local authorities are currently tracking down 13 other individuals who are also involved with the spies. However, it remains unclear if these people are also working on behalf of the Mossad or are somehow involved in the alleged “tactical tasks.”

The arrests took place nearly a month after Israel’s Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency chief Ronen Bar said in a recording aired by broadcaster Kan that the Israeli government would hunt down Hamas terrorists in countries like Turkey. He said that even if it takes several years, Israel will hunt those who were involved in the October 7 attacks not only in Gaza but also in Qatar, Lebanon, the West Bank, and “in Turkey.”

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