NFL Star’s Cause of Death Finally Revealed

NFL Star's Cause of Death Finally Revealed

( – Officials have finally released the cause of former NFL star Mike Williams’ death after months of rumors and speculation. Williams, 36, was killed by a rare form of bacterial sepsis that caused brain tissue to become necrotic. The infection spread from severe dental trauma sustained during an incident at a construction site.

Williams was hit in the head by a steel beam on September 1st. Reports initially said that the incident killed him. However, corrections were issued soon after that he had survived but was hospitalized with significant injuries. He was working on the site as an electrician. He also suffered a heart attack at the hospital. Doctors believe it contributed to his death.

The incident occurred in Tampa Bay, FL, where Williams lived. However, he was born in Buffalo, NY, in 1987. He said that he always dreamed of playing with the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium since he was a kid.

As a child, he quickly proved to be a promising athlete in a variety of sports. He earned 970 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns by his senior year at Riverside Institute of Technology. He then attended Syracuse in 2006. He achieved 461 yards, 10 touchdowns, and 60 receptions as a freshman.

However, he left the team during his senior year in 2009 after a car accident with some of his friends. He was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the following year with a contract lasting four years.

Williams debuted with the Cleveland Browns later that year and achieved 1 touchdown and 30 yards over five receptions.

His dream of playing with the Buffalo Bills came true in 2014. However, he suffered a calf injury soon after and requested a trade. He went on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016. He was released by the Chiefs later that year. He began working as an electrician at construction sites after his suspension.

Mike Williams is survived by a son and daughter.

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