Netanyahu Gushes Over Visiting Democratic Senator

( – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman for visiting him in Israel on June 26, in a trip that some Democrats criticized. During a press conference in Jerusalem, the Israeli leader said that the nation “has had no better friend” than Fetterman and explained that the senator represented the greatest example of the United States’ friendship with Israel.

Netanyahu also told reporters that the Jewish State thanked the visit as it has been going through some of the darkest moments in its history following the terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian terrorist group on October 7, 2023. With Fetterman standing next to him, the prime minister said that he publicly wanted to thank him for the brave statements he has delivered over the last few months, expressing his solidarity with Israel and the Israeli people.

The Democratic leader responded by thanking the prime minister and saying that he and the United States will stand with Israel through its war with Hamas in Gaza, which has gained criticism from many Western and American leaders. Fetterman also said that he lamented the October 7 attacks and expressed his “honor” for being in the Jewish State.

Since the October 7 attacks and Israel’s declaration of war against Hamas, the Democratic Party has been divided between those who have supported Israel and those who claim that Netanyahu is committing genocide against Palestinians.

The division has been so severe that numerous polls have shown that President Joe Biden’s popularity has declined among Democrats who believe that his stance in favor of Netanyahu and Israel is too radical. Some Democratic leaders have also been publicly discussing their different opinions on a topic that experts believe could set a turning point in the party.

Fetterman’s trip to Israel was the first one he made to the Jewish State. He has publicly condemned progressive Democrats who have called for the US to end financial and military assistance to Israel.

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