Murder Charges Filed for Prison Escapees

( – The Royal Grenada Police Force said on March 7 that authorities charged three escaped inmates from Grenada in the killing of an American couple after stealing their catamaran. A 25-year-old farmer named Atiba Stanislaus, along with 23-year-old Trevon Robertson and 30-year-old sailor Ron Mitchell, were charged with kidnapping, robbery, housebreaking, escaping lawful custody, and capital murder. The police force detailed that Stanislaus was also charged with a count of rape. The three escaped inmates appeared in court and were ordered to be held in prison until a hearing in late March.

Authorities accused the three criminals of escaping from a police cell on February 18 and eventually hijacking the catamaran owned by Kathy Brandel and Ralph Hendry, who were aboard at the time of the crime. The police also said that they believe that the three escaped inmates threw the American couple overboard after killing them and sailing to St. Vincent, where local authorities arrested them on February 21. They were eventually deported back to the Caribbean Island on March 4. The bodies of the American couple haven’t been found yet.

Nonprofit association Salty Dawg Sailing described Brandel and Hendry as “veteran cruisers” that were part of the 2023 Caribbean Rally, which started from Hampton, Virginia, to Antigua and Barbuda. Some reports said that the American couple was planning to cruise in the eastern Caribbean during winter.

In a statement, the couple’s family said that both of them lived on their yacht, visiting islands and countries and “making friends” during their trips. Their sons also wrote in the statement that their parents “encompassed” numerous values such as love, faith, caring, wonder, compassion, and adventure. They added that such a tragic event made them learn that they left the world “in a better place” than it was decades ago.

In another statement, the nonprofit association said that Hendry and Brandel were capable and “warm-hearted” members. It added that the American couple were part of the board for nearly three years.

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