Missing Woman Found in Hotel after 7 Years

(NationRise.com) – A woman who went missing in 2017 has been found in a hotel room after police heard her screaming and crying for help.

Police were initially tipped off by the woman’s step-parents. She managed to call them from the hotel she was held captive in on February 26th. She knew her captors had driven her to Inkster, MI, but wasn’t sure which hotel they were in. That prompted police to investigate hotels in the area. Troopers heard her screaming desperately while investigating the Evergreen Motel on February 29th.

Police then entered the room forcefully. They discovered the woman, who was kidnapped in her 20s and is now in her 30s, alone and physically unharmed. They also found a gun and drugs in the room with her, but there wasn’t much evidence beyond those items. Police sent her to the hospital and reported that she is receiving counseling. They also said that she is back with her family.

Officials are protecting her identity and have not released further details about her disappearance, discovery, or where she may have spent the past seven years. However, they did say that her disappearance is being investigated as a human trafficking case. Sources confirmed that detectives specializing in trafficking are involved in the ongoing investigation.

Officials have identified a suspect after interviewing the victim. They believe the two were initially in a relationship that eventually became abusive before she was taken. They have also been reluctant to call the situation a kidnapping.

However, the suspect’s identity has not been released as of this writing. No arrests have been made.

Human trafficking has become more prevalent in recent years as traffickers discover new sources of passive revenue online. One of the world’s most popular explicit sites recently had to pay $1.8 million for content featuring human trafficking victims that appeared on its platform. They will also have to pay restitution to the victims. However, many more victims appear in content on the dark web, where it is much more difficult for authorities to track.

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