Mayor Files Lawsuit Against Companies Shipping Migrants to His City

Mayor Files Lawsuit Against Companies Shipping Migrants to His City

( – Chicago Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson recently filed dozens of lawsuits against bus companies that are transporting illegal immigrants from the southern border to the Windy City.

In an effort to show the Biden administration’s failure to control the migrant crisis and the way it is affecting so many communities in the country, Republican governors have been sending buses of migrants to sanctuary cities and Democratic states. These conservative leaders have argued that action needs to be taken to show the nation the realities that border states are experiencing because of the surge of migrants.

According to a Chicago Tribune report, Johnson’s main goal with these lawsuits is to go against those who are “really behind” the shipping of migrants into Chicago. The newspaper said that the radical-leftist mayor took legal action after nearly 25,000 migrants arrived in Chicago since 2022, which has forced the city to take decisive actions so it can take care of them on “heightened urgency.”

The Tribune pointed out that the Johnson administration has filed 55 lawsuits since it implemented new rules about where and when buses can arrive. The lawsuit addresses a total of 77 transports that have been formally accused of violating Chicago’s rules. Public records watched by the newspaper also revealed that the mayor is seeking fines against every bus company involved in the transportation of illegal immigrants.

In a statement sent to the Tribune, Johnson’s office spokesman Cassio Mendoza claimed that the bus companies were “rogue” and “uncoordinated.” He added that these companies are endangering the lives of the migrants who are being discriminated against by Republican leaders. He also claimed that every bus company involved needs to be “held accountable.”

Mendoza added that while the Windy City and the Johnson administration keep welcoming asylum-seekers, Chicago can no longer shelter migrants efficiently and safely when the bus companies violate every “safety measure.” He also blamed the State of Texas for contracting these companies.

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