Massive Attack Launched Against Ukraine, Roughly 90 Bombs Dropped

Massive Attack Launched Against Ukraine, at Least 90 Bombs Dropped

( – Russia executed a massive bombardment in Ukraine’s southern region on November 6, in what many media outlets described as an “unprecedented” move from the Kremlin. In a statement, the Ukrainian Internal Affairs Ministry said that Russia dropped 87 bombs on numerous populated areas of Kherson.

The ministry noted that the attack represented the most considerable bombardment the Kremlin has made since the beginning of the invasion in February 2022. It added that eight people were severely injured in other strikes carried out by the Russian military in the Western Odessa region.

According to different reports, five high-rise apartment buildings were damaged in Kherson city during the first strikes, and two more houses were hit during the second. Twelve airstrikes were executed two hours later through the city of Beryslav and in the Krynky village across the Dnipro River. No casualties were reported.

The ministry statement explained that the missiles and drone strikes executed in Odessa destroyed an art museum, 20 apartment buildings, massive infrastructure, and over two dozen vehicles. It also said that authorities in the zone have reported “no casualties so far.”

In a separate statement, the Operational Command of Ukraine’s Armed Forces “South” said that the art museum destroyed by the Russian missile strikes in Odessa was classified as a “UNESCO heritage site.” Meanwhile, Odessa Governor Oleh Kiper posted photos of the damage to the museum, which is located in one of the most historic palaces of the port city. He explained most of the collection inside the museum was evacuated “in advance” and noted that the paintings weren’t affected.

Andriy Yermak, who is the head of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office, said during a press conference in Kyiv that the missile attacks in Odesa were the Kremlin’s retaliation for Ukraine’s attacks on Crimea. He told reporters that despite these attacks, Ukrainian Crimea will be fully demilitarized, without the Russian military bases and the Black Sea fleet.

Russia’s bombardment came in the wake of its offensive operations in Ukraine, which hasn’t gained the expected results so far. However, different reports have pointed out these operations have affected Ukraine’s counteroffensive campaign.

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