Mass Shooting Suspect Dies While Awaiting Trial

( – A man suspected to be involved in a 2022 mass shooting that killed six innocents in Sacramento, California, was found dead by authorities in his prison cell on June 8. In a statement, his public defender, Norman Dawson, said that the 29-year-old man, Smiley Martin, died during morning hours and was a person who fought every second to “defend his innocence.”

Martin was awaiting trial on some felony charges connected to the mass shooting that took place in April 2022. The three charges were of transport and possession of a machine gun, as well as of murder and being a felon while possessing a firearm. He and his legal team always claimed he was innocent.

The mass shooting took place near Sacramento’s state Capitol building in an entertainment area around 2 am, which was filled with patrons at the moment. Some videos posted on Twitter showed rapid gunfire that lasted almost a minute, with people running and screaming. Authorities said that over 100 bullets were fired, with three men and three women being fatally shot. They added that five criminals were involved in the shooting and that two of the shooters were injured, along with 10 innocents.

Police arrested Martin while he was hospitalized with numerous gunshot wounds, and he was eventually charged. Officers also arrested his brother, Dandrae Martin, as he was charged with illegal possession of a gun by a felon and assault with a firearm. He also suffered some wounds during the shooting.

The office of the Sacramento County Sheriff detailed in a statement that Martin died while in custody at the city’s County Main Jail. It added that the Coroner’s Office will start the proper investigation to determine Martin’s cause of death and everything related to his death.

The County Sheriff’s Office also said that jail deputies found his body and called the fire department and medical staff, who immediately conducted life-saving procedures to no avail. The inmate was pronounced dead at the scene.

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