Legendary Performer and Songwriter Dead at 84

(NationRise.com) – The Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame announced that legendary songwriter and performer Buzz Cason died at his house in Franklin, Tennessee, on June 16, at the age of 84, following a cardiac event. Many journalists and music experts considered Cason the cornerstone of the beginning of Nashville rock’n’roll and a lyricist that set a turning point in the industry.

Cason’s biography reveals that the songwriter’s unwavering dedication and professionalism to his craft allowed him to be part of the pop Top 40 for four decades in a row. His commitment to every facet of the music industry, from publishing to writing, singing, playing, operating his studio, and producing records, serves as an inspiration to all aspiring musicians.

As a songwriter, his most considerable success was Love Affair’s legendary hit Everlasting Love, which has been considered one of the greatest one-hit wonder pieces of all time. The song was so famous that it was covered in three different decades. The first one was made in 1967 by Robert Knight, the second one was created by Carlton in 1974, and the last one was created by Latin legend Gloria Stefan in 1995. Irish legendary rock band U2 also released a stripped-down take of the song in 1987 as one of two B-sides of its hit All I Want Is You.

During an event at the Country Hall of Fame in his honor back in 2014, reporters asked him about his thoughts on the song. Cason confessed that once he wrote it with Mac Gayden, both had no clue about the piece of gold they both had on their hands. He also told reporters that Everlasting Love was a “great radio song.”

The enduring popularity of the song is further underscored by its over 10 million plays since its release. This staggering figure cements’ Everlasting Love’ as one of the most successful songs in the history of any music genre to emerge from the so-called Music City, Nashville.

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