Kari Lake Interview Interrupted By Trump

(NationRise.com) – Former President and Republican nominee Donald Trump interrupted an interview that Steven Bannon was doing with GOP Arizona Senate Candidate Kari Lake on June 16 during an episode of his War Room podcast.

The situation took place when Bannon’s cell phone started to ring, and Bannon politely paused Lake to take the call. The former White House chief strategist could be heard referring to Trump as “Mr. President” and asking him if he could call him later as he was “live on TV.” During the moment, the Republican candidate could be seen smiling and laughing.

Once he hung up, Bannon asked Lake to continue talking about her “favorite person” while laughing. A couple of minutes after the call, the podcast’s Chief Financial Officer, Grace Chong, posted on Twitter that the former commander-in-chief told Bannon that he “Love War Room” and asked him to call him back after the show.

The moment took place after Bannon and Trump appeared at a three-day convention of Turning Point Action in Detroit, Michigan. During the event, the former president and the former White House chief strategist spoke about numerous issues that the United States has been facing over the last few years during the Biden administration. Both of them claimed that two of the most crucial right now were the migrant and border crises.

In a 10-minute speech, Bannon said that the country would be about to enter into an unprecedented crisis if US President Joe Biden won the presidential election, as he blamed him for the “poor state” of the nation. He also said that the country would have an opportunity to boost its economy and get back on “the right track” if Trump became president again.

Over the last few months, both Lake and Bannon have announced their support for the former president on numerous occasions. While he’s currently facing some legal issues, many polls show that the conservative is the favorite to win the presidential election by a slight margin.

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