Joe Rogan Adds Fuel to Newsom 2024 Rumors

( – Podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan added fuel to the rumor mill as he suggested that the Democratic Party is planning to swap out President Joe Biden with California Governor Gavin Newsom as the party’s nominee for the presidential election. During a conversation with Chris Williamson, the fellow podcast host told Rogan that it was “crazy” that President Biden could not be prosecuted after the Special Counsel Robert Hur report but could legally run for president again.

The report was highly controversial as it described the commander-in-chief’s poor mental shape but explained he likely couldn’t successfully be prosecuted as he and his defense could allege that President Biden is an old man with a “poor memory.” Hur also described the democratic leader as “well-meaning” and “sympathetic.”

After asking Williamson if he thought that the commander-in-chief’s presidential run was “a ruse,” Rogan started to explain his thoughts about what would happen over the next few months in the Democratic Party. The UFC commentator said he believes that the president is going to be forced to step down “one way or another” and stated that if he has to guess whom he’ll be replaced with, he thinks Newsom would be the one.

Rogan added that President Biden is becoming damaging for the party because of the way his numerous controversies “are gaining traction.” The podcast host said that some of these scandals include the debate over his mental acuity and his alleged involvement in his son’s allegedly corrupt business operations overseas.

After saying he believes that possibility isn’t “out of the table,” Williamson and Rogan started to mock the way President Biden has to micromanage everything he does and says in public appearances. Williamson also told the UFC commentator that the commander-in-chief’s emergency press conference after the special counsel’s report wasn’t “a good idea.”

Over the last few months, numerous political analysts and media outlets have suggested that Newsom could be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election. Some of these include The Guardian and The Hill, which said that the California governor was already running a “shadow campaign.”

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