Joe Manchin Reveals His Path to Presidency

( – According to a recent CNN report, Senator Joe Manchin is privately making the case that a “conviction” for former President Donald Trump or a “health scare” for President Joe Biden could give him the opportunity to run for president. The liberal network pointed out that the West Virginia Democratic senator has made these comments to his inner circle, and that he would run as an independent.

Following the report, Manchin told CNN that he does believe he could run for president and pointed out he can “absolutely” see himself as the United States’ next commander-in-chief. When asked how he could convince voters, Manchin told the network he would say he would govern for all Americans and that he played a crucial role in “everything” related to President Biden’s legislative agenda.

During the current presidency, the senator has broken from Democrats on numerous key votes, including on the For the People Act in 2021. Over the last few years, Manchin has been portraying himself as a centrist politician, in comparison to some progressive and leftist colleagues in the Senate. He has also said he truly believes that uniting the country is the most important thing for any politician to do right now.

When asked his thoughts about President Biden, Manchin said he believes he’s a “decent man.” However, he pointed out he feels “deeply concerned” that another term would give more power to “far-left liberals,” as he believes many of them could even have prominent roles in the Biden administration.

According to different reports, the possibility of Manchin running on a third-party ticket has raised concerns among many Democrats, as they believe that the senator’s presidential run could hurt President Biden’s chances. CNN noted that a person familiar with his strategy claimed he’s serious about his idea of running for president this year. The person told the liberal network he’s “traveling the country” and talking with voters who don’t feel represented either by President Biden or Trump.

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