It’s Happening Again: Mysterious Monoliths Appear in Two States

(—Over the last few years, strange monoliths have suddenly appeared all across the country. The first one appeared in the Utah desert in 2020. Now, the bizarre monuments appear to be making a return.

A new monolith appeared on June 25 in Colorado, just ten days after authorities found another one in a famous hiking trail in the state of Nevada.

Social media users have posted numerous images and videos of the reflective structure, which authorities said is 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall. The Colorado monolith appeared in Fort Collins at a private property owned by Rob Graves and his wife, Lori. Authorities bolted the structure to a concrete pad.

During an interview with KDVR, Lori Graves said that many people in town have been asking her about the monolith, with some claiming that the reason behind its mysterious appearance could be alien-related. When asked about her thoughts on that theory, Graves explained that while she doesn’t know who or what erected the monolith on her property, she has some ideas of what could be behind it. However, she said she won’t say what she thinks, and she won’t ask people anything about it as she doesn’t want “to ruin” the mystery around the monolith.

On Twitter, many users have spread numerous theories about the mystery surrounding the appearance of the two monoliths. While some have said that extraterrestrial beings left the structure there, others have said that it could have grown naturally from Earth.

A Fort Collins Reddit post also discussed the monolith, with the poster explaining that many people in the area have theories about what could’ve happened. The poster said that while some believe in the alien theory, others believe it is a government conspiracy, and others said it was a prank from some people in Fort Collins who were mocking those who thought aliens planted the monolith in Nevada.

Experts have said that these structures have been discovered in many other nations, including Colombia, Romania, and the United Kingdom.

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