Hunter Biden’s Presence at White House Meetings Sparks Backlash

( – Hunter Biden’s alleged attendance at some White House meetings with his father, U.S. President Joe Biden, is drawing criticism from some conservatives and supporters of former President Donald Trump.

One of these was podcaster Saager Enjeti, who said on his X account (formerly Twitter) that the fact that the president’s son was at these meetings looked “bad.” He also suggested that Hunter Biden is President Biden’s “closest advisor” right now.

Conservative activist Laura Loomer also wrote on her X account that it was “insane” that a convicted felon and a “drug addict” could be part of the president’s meetings at the White House. She also said that it seemed that Hunter Biden was “making decisions” that could have a significant impact in the United States, considering the current state of President Biden.

Far from being only conservatives, some prominent liberal activists and commentators also criticized Hunter Biden’s presence at the meetings at the White House. One of these was CEO and editor-in-chief of Zeteo, Mehdi Hasan, who used to be a host at MSNBC. He posted on his X account that it was “insane” the fact that the president’s granddaughters and Hunter Biden have more influence than the Democratic Party over who will end up being the presidential nominee.

Hasan made these comments as some journalists have revealed that Hunter Biden is one of the strongest figures currently encouraging President Biden to stay in the race after the last presidential debate with Trump. Following that event, many political reporters said that prominent members of the Democratic Party, along with liberal leaders, are planning to formally ask the president to suspend his campaign and let another figure become the nominee.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre revealed Hunter Biden’s attendance at the meetings during a press conference. She told reporters that both were together during the preparations for the president’s televised remarks about the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity.

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