High School Requests National Guard Over Violence

(NationRise.com) – Violence in one blue city high school in Massachusetts has become so extreme that administrators are going beyond local police and requesting assistance from the National Guard.

The Brockton School Committee sent a letter to Brockton’s Democrat mayor, Robert F. Sullivan, on February 15th that discussed a “disturbing increase in incidents.” They requested that he call in the National Guard to restore order.

The letter largely blames staffing shortages for the appalling violence at Brockton High School, the largest in the state of Massachusetts. There have been reports of unauthorized individuals trespassing on school grounds as drug abuse runs rampant.

Several of the school’s 3500 students have been stabbed. Teachers have broken down over the chaos that has enveloped their school as they also become victims of the increased violence.

Sullivan responded by saying that he would give the letter to Maura Healey, the state’s Democrat governor. However, he also said that he does not believe deploying the National Guard is an appropriate response. Healey has responded to the situation by acknowledging their awareness and claiming that her office is communicating with local officials.

School violence has gripped Massachusetts since Healey replaced former Republican Governor Charlie Baker in 2023. He previously requested the National Guard’s help after the pandemic led to a severe shortage of bus drivers. Experts have blamed the impact of the pandemic lockdowns, social media (where footage of fights earns attention), and the elimination of school suspensions as reasons for the surge in violence.

Dr. Justin Baeder at the Principal Center said that he prefers to avoid suspensions but also acknowledged that the violence has become unprecedented. He suggests beginning with minimal consequences for minor infractions and increasing them for more drastic infractions. That, he believes, may help curb the chaos in high schools.

School officials will also discuss possible changes to their phone policies. However, their ongoing staffing shortages could make it difficult to enforce restrictions, especially in the areas where fights are most likely to occur.

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