Heavyweight Dem Hit With Multi-Count Indictment

(NationRise.com) – One of New Jersey’s most influential Democrats is facing serious charges related to racketeering.

The massive 111-page indictment against George E. Norcross III was filed by Matthew Platkin, another Democrat currently serving as the state’s attorney general, on June 17th. It details over a dozen charges related to racketeering, misconduct by an official, corporate misconduct, intimidation, coercion, theft, and financial facilitation.

Charges are also being filed against five of his associates. They include his brother, Phillip Norcross; William M. Tambussi, Norcross’s lawyer; Dana Redd, who previously served as the mayor of Camden, NJ; and another individual named John O’Donnell.

Norcross and his associates are being accused of maintaining a criminal enterprise, Norcross Enterprises, for over a decade. The charges allege that citizens of New Jersey—and especially Candem—have suffered greatly as a result.

According to Platkin, Norcross abused his power as an official and influential Democrat to score lucrative deals on prime waterfront real estate in Camden. As a result, Platkin said, they were able to easily obtain building permits for new construction projects costing hundreds of millions of dollars, all funded by tax credits. Platkin also noted that multiple officials, including former mayor Redd, “turned a blind eye” to Norcross’s misdeeds to serve the interests of a few elites. The US attorney’s office and FBI are working with Platkin on the case.

In one count related to intimidation, Norcross is accused of attempting to bully a local property developer into effectively surrendering his land. The developer owned land that Norcross Enterprises wanted to acquire for expansion. When the developer refused, Norcross attempted to have his property condemned under false pretenses.

An attorney representing Philip Norcross claims the brothers and their associates are innocent of all charges. He also said they were politically motivated despite New Jersey being a largely blue state. If convicted, they could face decades behind bars and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Sue Altmant, another Democrat from New Jersey, condemned Norcross over the allegations. She said it was part of a “culture of corruption” that she hopes to fight.

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