Hamas Victims Launch Lawsuit Against UN Org

(NationRise.com) – Over 100 Israeli victims of the surprise attack launched by Hamas in 2023 are suing an organization associated with the United Nations for allegedly assisting with the attack.

The lawsuit, spanning 167 pages, accuses the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) of intentionally sending support to Hamas agents acting throughout Gaza. They are seeking $1 billion in damages.

The plaintiffs said the hefty amount equates to the amount of support that UNRWA allegedly gave to the Hamas Islamic terrorist group. Bank documents show massive transfers from the organization’s account in New York to agents that US officials believe are affiliated with Hamas. The lawsuit also accuses the bank’s employees of facilitating the organization’s support. The plaintiffs made it clear that their intention is not “seeking a forum to air political grievances.”

According to the filing, UNRWA’s funds allowed Hamas terrorists to build its paramilitary infrastructure, including rocket launchers, close enough to its own buildings to avoid damage from Israel’s military. Israeli forces avoid those buildings as they are used to house innocent refugees. Some of those buildings include schools. They continue to serve as safe havens.

The lawsuit was filed in New York’s southern district near the UN global headquarters. They are being represented by MM-Law LLC, a firm based in Chicago, IL, and Amini LLC, a firm based in New York. They said the defendants repeatedly warned UNRWA officials that they were giving assistance directly to Hamas, yet no changes were made.

The Israeli government has called for Philippe Lazzarini, one of the defendants named in the lawsuit, to resign in January. The country’s foreign minister also said that he would cancel all future meetings with the organization.

Israel accused several UNRWA employees of participating in the attack, rather directly or indirectly, in October 2023. The organization has since fired several employees named in the dossier. Lazzarini said they are investigating any possible involvement by current and former employees. Israeli officials said they welcome the investigation.

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