Hamas Hostage Found Dead Three Weeks After Being Taken

Hamas Hostage Found Dead Three Weeks After Being Taken

(NationRise.com) – Israeli President Isaac Herzog said on October 30 that the German-Israeli tattoo artist who was kidnapped by Hamas and paraded by members of the terrorist group through the streets of Gaza was found dead. During an interview with German newspaper Bild, Herzog mentioned that the Israeli military informed him that the terrorists “chopped off her head.”

Herzog pointed out that Israeli soldiers found the skull of 23-year-old Shani Louk during their ground operations in Gaza. Her family confirmed the news to Bild and said that authorities confirmed she was “brutally murdered” after conducting DNA tests on parts of the skull.

The Israeli president sent his condolences to the Louk family and said that Hamas terrorists are “barbaric and sadistic animals” that will pay for their crimes. He also told the German newspaper that what Israeli soldiers have found on the Israel-Gaza border is a “slaughterhouse.”

Louk was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists from a rave festival near Kibbutz Re’im during the attacks on Israel on October 7. According to numerous reports, the Palestinian terrorist group killed over 1,400 people, raped dozens of women, and kidnapped nearly 200 civilians to make them their hostages that day.

As reported by the German news agency DPA, Louk’s mother, Ricarda, said she was already informed about her daughter’s death. She told the news agency that authorities told her she was shot in the head. Following the report’s publication, Ricarda said during an interview with German broadcaster RTL that “at least” she knows that her daughter “didn’t suffer.”

According to Israel’s rescue service Zaka, nearly 300 were killed at the Negev Desert music festival. When terrorists came in, the German-Israeli tattoo artists called her mother and told her she was escaping from the site and was trying to get into her car.

While Louk had lived in Israel, she spent most of her childhood in Portland, Oregon, and attended kindergarten at the city’s Jewish Academy.

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