Graham Explains Why Biden Impeachment Will Likely Fail

Graham Explains Why Biden Impeachment Will Likely Fail

( – South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham said on June 23 that Republicans would probably fail in their attempt to impeach U.S. President Joe Biden. During an interview with The Hill, he explained taking this step would be the same mistake the Democratic Party committed when “perverting” the concept of due process in 2019 and 2021. He also said they committed an irreparable error by trying to impeach President Donald Trump.

Because of this, Graham explained that having Congress floor vote in impeachment articles against the commander-in-chief is not the way to go. This remark was a clear hit against GOP Representative Lauren Boebert, who recently pushed House Republicans to take this step.

Graham told The Hill that even when President Biden has been a “disaster,” what Republicans are doing is denying due process like Democrats did with Trump. The South Carolina senator added that any impeachment process against the president will be “dead on arrival.” He also pointed out that the GOP would be committing an “irresponsible” act if they don’t have any “process in place” to lay a foundation.

On June 22, Boebert forced Congress to take a floor vote on impeachment articles she brought against the president. She took this step by bringing what legalists call a floor’s “privileged motion.” The Colorado representative alleged in her impeachment articles that President Biden must be removed because of the border crisis he failed to solve. Nevertheless, instead of moving forward, Congress voted 219-208 to send her impeachment articles to the Judiciary and Homeland Security committees.

Following this situation, Boebert told reporters that this compromise would allow Congress to create a “body of evidence” at the committee. She said this would work for the Senate trial, pointing out this would occur “very soon.”

Reports have stated that even though some Republicans support Boebert, many strongly disagree with her aggressive approach. One of these is House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has even urged House Republicans to vote against Boebert’s proposal.

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