Governor Claims to Support Investigations Into Scandal-Ridden Mayor

(—Illinois Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker recently said he would support any federal or state investigation against the Village of Dolton’s so-called Democratic “Super Mayor” Tiffany Henyard.

During a public event in Chicago, Pritzker said that the corruption allegations against Henyard were “troubling” and explained that an in-depth probe was the best course of action. He also told reporters that two investigations were already underway and said he expected these to clarify Henyard’s situation once and for all.

Over the last few months, Henyard has been referred to as the “worst mayor” in the United States after authorities accused her of weaponizing police raids and of numerous financial misdeeds. One of her political allies also accused her of sexual assault during a trip to Las Vegas. Even her cancer charity has been facing scrutiny from local authorities.

Back in February, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced the two probes against Henyard and eventually served two subpoenas for disciplinary reports, personnel files, and employment records for 25 of her Dolton employees. These included her top aide and the village administrator, Keith Freeman, as well as three police officers.

During the event, Pritzker told reporters that in addition to the FBI, Chicago former Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot is also investigating Henyard as the village hired her to be the case’s “special investigator.” The governor added that he and his administration will support both the bureau and the former mayor and explained that both are the best “authorities” to investigate the case and get “to the truth.” Political reporters said on Twitter that the village is currently paying Lightfoot $400 per hour.

Pritzker’s comments came after a scandalous June 3 town meeting where Henyard’s supporters and critics yelled at each other, forcing police to intervene and prevent the altercation from becoming more violent. Henyard has been saying that the accusations and allegations against her are nothing more than a smear campaign that the media launched.

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